2021 The Best Stick Vacuum – Better Than A Dyson?

by Aroma Room on March 08, 2021

When it comes to vacuums, they just suck. Not in a bad way, in fact, we know that’s what they do – vacuums suck up dirt, hair, spilled cereals, sand, and so many other things. Without vacuums, we wouldn’t have our Home Sweet Home.

vacuum cleaner

Vacuums need to do the job they were designed for – simply, to clean. Turn it on, suck it up, turn it off, empty the bin. So simple, so easy.

Let’s review a couple of lightweight, easy-on-the-pocket Stick vacuums – smaller models, those that weigh 3-8lbs, don’t take up any space, cordless (battery powered) and efficient.

Stick vacuums are designed for quick, efficient clean-up. These vacuums are light in weight, have helpful tools and attachments that help you reach into every small and large space and if you choose the right model, they do a great job for less money and they take up less space than a conventional vacuum.

With Stick vacuums, less is more.

Let’s look at the small but powerful Aroma Room, battery powered Stick vacuum. First, this vacuum slurps dust, dirt, hair and other floor grime with 22Kpa of suction, meaning that it’s hoovering power is much stronger than the average 16-18 kilopascal’s (units of atmospheric pressure) used to suck up stuff.

This lightweight vacuum cleaner also weighs in at only 2.8lbs, just under 3lbs and it still vacuums everything on hard floors, stairs, tile and carpet in both homes and cars. The Dyson v7 comes in at 5.45lbs, not heavy, but still, twice as heavy as the Aroma Room Stick vacuum. The battery power on the Aroma Room Stick also runs around 35 minutes, compared to the Dyson v7 that dies at 30 minutes of use.

Cleaning tools for the Aroma Room Stick vacuum include a detachable long tube, floor brush, a crevice nozzle and a blower tool. Vacuums are supposed to suck, and this one does, but it also blows – wow! So versatile!

With the longer tube, this small, powerful vacuum also extends your reach, or remove the tube for closer, more focused sucking power, anytime, anywhere.

The Dyson v7 stick has two power modes – so does the Aroma Room. The Dyson v7 has a washable filter, but the Aroma Room Stick vacuum has high-density HEPA filter and yes, it is also washable. The flexible head/brush on the Aroma Room can also turn 120 degrees to catch dander under furniture from different directions.

And price? The Aroma Room Stick vacuum comes in at a light-weight price of around $119.99, way under a Dyson v7 that has a hefty cost of $249.99. From your kitchen to your living room, from your den to your car, the Aroma Room Stick vacuum cleaner is light on your hands and light on your pocket, but also digs deep to pull up unwanted debris from every room of your home.